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Monday, July 10, 2006

Dear CNN, Go jump off a bridge onto a rocky out cropping. Love, TGR

You know what I hate more than anything? Its not politicians lying to the people. Its not people accepting it. Its the media ignoring it.

It has come to light that there is a "major" secret intelligence program that the White House is running that it kept secret from the public. But not only did it keep it secret from the public but it also kept it secret from congress.

The White House is instructed to report all of these programs to the House and Senate Intelligence Committees. It did not.

This is not one of those little "president got a hummer from an intern" stories. This is more like one of those President is looking more and more fascist every day stories. Now lets take a look at the articles that are deemed more important by CNN.

1) Toyota Tundra Recall- important, especially because a family member owns a Tundra... but how many people drive one? And how many people are under this President? Oh that is what I thought.

2) Baby Mauled by family dog- Tragic, sad, but only in the paper because it is a Pit Bull and people freak out about that breed even though it is just bad owners. The only way this story is news worthy is if you change "family dog" to "Michael Jackson"; and "Mauled By" to "Mauls." Now that is a headline.

3) Soap actor commits suicide- Sucks for that dude and the six people who care.

4) Monkeys reunion tour? Not a chance!- Ok... So I am aware that the Monkeys did infact, at one time, exist. I am also aware that they sucked and they were made popular through clever marketing. I am also aware that it was our mothers that loved them. That all said. I say go screw yourself. You were hardly important then and you are far from important now.

Oh and as a side note, the above were as of 11am on 7/10, as of 1:30 pm on 7/10 it wasnt on the main page at all.

Great reporting CNN. Great reporting.


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