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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

There is one class that is desperately needed in all levels of education that has consistently ignored. That class? Personal Responsibility with a heavy does of Parental Responsibility. Everyone in this country seems to think that the things going on in their life are someone else's fault. Its myspace's fault that I wasn't watching my kid and they lied to me and got into trouble. It is TV and Radio's fault that kids are punks (even though we are letting them watch and listen to things that are for adults). Oh and don't forget those video games! They have ratings just like movies but we will buy your little brat anything they want because we don't pay attention to them and it keeps them quiet while mom does her Pilate's and dad rubs one out in the tool shed.
"OHhh but they arn't raising little Timmy the way we want!" OF COURSE NOT YOU IDIOT. It is not a device to raise your kid. It is a device to entertain ADULTS. You probably wouldn't expect a case of beer to babysit your children very well, why would you expect the radio, or the Internet, or video games to do it well?

So then their kids start selling heroin or shooting up schools and the parents get all pissed at everyone but themselves. So what do they do but sue everyone and try to get new laws passed for the purpose of "protecting" other people's children when it is really just a vain attempt for them to convince themselves that they arnt the terrible people they really are.

This culture has penetrated america to the core. No one wants to do anything for themselves. People want the government to take care of everything and when local and state governments can't then they want the feds to do it. The result is a situation like New Orleans where 5 murders becomes a case where you need the National Guard.

The government isn't taking away our rights, we are giving them to them because we are too lazy to take care of ourselves.


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