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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Being unfocused isnt good for Revolutionaries

Lots of things dancing around in the skull right now so this post will be choppy and poorly written at best.

1) Personal responsibility keeps popping up- today a priest claimed that it was the parents fault that he raped their kid... yeah... I buy that one.

2) All this constant PC BS has got me really fired up. Last night on Long Island a business man was shot in the face on his own front lawn after investigating suspicious noises. His wife saw the man who did it and gave a description to the police. Her description was printed in the newspaper as "a man 25-35 wearing dark clothing." Notice anything missing that would really help people identify him? Some how his race was dropped from the fairly decent description that the police had received. No reason to include the race in the paper though! I mean that doesn't help narrow down the population at all! This shows how damn scared of everything everyone has become that you cant provide public safety information simply because it includes someones race... bullshit.

3) People that love the environment and forced safety by the government. I hope you realize that when your forced all of your safety features on automobile manufactures back in the 70s and 80s you screwed us on having fuel efficient cars today. Around the world there are thousands of tiny fuel efficient vehicles that would be perfect for our cities. Unfortunately the safety brigade forced all car companies to do things certain ways that make cars significantly heavier and bulkier. The SUV craze grew out of this because it was easier to design a truck that fit the requirements than a station wagon.

So now Japan and Europe want to import their little two seat wonders that get 50 mpg without the need for a costly and wasteful electric but we cant have them because you ruined it for everyone.

I know it is hard to believe, but honestly, if you let the free market go it will take care of these things. Do you think unsafe cars would have sold well? No, and if they did, it is your problem if you bought one without doing the appropriate research. Its your responsibility to be aware of the products you buy. Personal responsibility... (look at that, see how I wrapped it up nicely and tied everything together?)


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