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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Chances are they are watching you read this site

The NSA's illegal tapping program keeps getting worse. First it was international phone calls, then it came out that domestic phone calls were being monitored as well, and now it appears that your internet traffic is most likely being monitored as well... not just where you go but the content that you get when you are there. This means they can see the sites, see what you put up or download, see your emails, see your financial records, see any personal inmformation at all that you put on the net, no matter how secure or encrypted it is.

So we have gone from sketchy, to illegal, to downright, no way getting around it, insane. This is probably the most illegal act the Bush administration is taking and it is time for congress to act. But they wont, so it is up to us. Write your congressmen, and for god sakes vote and vote for someone that will put a stop to this garbage (though i am not endorsing one party over the other that probably means democrats).

Background info on this is here (Great read really quality info on how the government is abusing you):

Here are directions on how to find out if you are being watched or if the site you are frequenting is being watched:

With that in mind, here's the 27B Stroke 6 guide to detecting if your
traffic is being funneled into the secret room on San Francisco's Folsom

If you're a Windows user, fire up an MS-DOS command prompt. Now
tracert followed by the domain name of the website, e-mail host, VoIP
switch, or
whatever destination you're interested in. Watch as the program
spits out your
route, line by line.

C:\> tracert

1 2 ms 2 ms 2 ms
7 11 ms 14 ms 10 ms
8 13 12 19 ms
9 18 ms 16 ms 16 ms
10 88 ms 92 ms 91 ms
11 88 ms 90 ms 88 ms
12 89 ms 97 ms 89 ms
13 89 ms 88 ms 88 ms
14 102 ms 93 ms 112 ms
15 94 ms 94 ms
93 ms
16 * * *
17 * * *
18 * *

In the above
example, my traffic is jumping from Level 3
Communications to AT&T's
network in San Francisco, presumably over the OC-48
circuit that AT&T
tapped on February 20th, 2003, according to the Klein

magic string you're looking for is If it's
immediately above or below a entry, then -- by Klein's
allegations -- your packets are being copied into room 641A, and from there,
illegally, to the NSA.

If you are behind a corporate firewall you will have to wait till you get home to do this, and if you are behind a router at home, make sure you turn off that firewall temporarily (be certain that you turn it back on!).

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Being unfocused isnt good for Revolutionaries

Lots of things dancing around in the skull right now so this post will be choppy and poorly written at best.

1) Personal responsibility keeps popping up- today a priest claimed that it was the parents fault that he raped their kid... yeah... I buy that one.

2) All this constant PC BS has got me really fired up. Last night on Long Island a business man was shot in the face on his own front lawn after investigating suspicious noises. His wife saw the man who did it and gave a description to the police. Her description was printed in the newspaper as "a man 25-35 wearing dark clothing." Notice anything missing that would really help people identify him? Some how his race was dropped from the fairly decent description that the police had received. No reason to include the race in the paper though! I mean that doesn't help narrow down the population at all! This shows how damn scared of everything everyone has become that you cant provide public safety information simply because it includes someones race... bullshit.

3) People that love the environment and forced safety by the government. I hope you realize that when your forced all of your safety features on automobile manufactures back in the 70s and 80s you screwed us on having fuel efficient cars today. Around the world there are thousands of tiny fuel efficient vehicles that would be perfect for our cities. Unfortunately the safety brigade forced all car companies to do things certain ways that make cars significantly heavier and bulkier. The SUV craze grew out of this because it was easier to design a truck that fit the requirements than a station wagon.

So now Japan and Europe want to import their little two seat wonders that get 50 mpg without the need for a costly and wasteful electric but we cant have them because you ruined it for everyone.

I know it is hard to believe, but honestly, if you let the free market go it will take care of these things. Do you think unsafe cars would have sold well? No, and if they did, it is your problem if you bought one without doing the appropriate research. Its your responsibility to be aware of the products you buy. Personal responsibility... (look at that, see how I wrapped it up nicely and tied everything together?)

Monday, June 26, 2006

The hypocrisy of the current republican view of the world is hilarious. Its great, I love it. Seriously, I find it amazingly entertaining.

Bush today stated that the US will leave when the Iraqis stand up. Makes sense when you first start to think about it, but lets compare it to something else... another issue that rises up every few years- welfare. The Republican view of welfare is that people cannot take personal responsibility until the government gets out of the way. How is this any different? By their logic we need to leave Iraq FIRST then people will begin to take personal responsibility.

Now this all came out because General Casey stated that a troop scale down was possible in the coming months. Bush knew this to be the case but the White House was sitting on it until the mid-late summer so that they could use it going into the fall election cycle. Casey, a career military man, released the plan when it became advisable for the military to do so and the Democrats have jumped all over it. Long story short (too late) General releases troop reduction plan, similar to congressional Democrats plan, Bush tries to recover and digs a deeper hole.

So here is my plan for what Bush should do to try and secure some votes for his fellow Republicans in the fall: Admit it. That's right, admit it. Admit that it is time to bring troops home and say that the Generals have been told that as soon as they can safely bring troops home they should. You don't even have to admit that you were wrong to start, you just have to admit that it is time to bring them home. It won't be bringing troops home that gets you votes, though that will get you some, it will be the fact that you are speaking straight to voters that gets you more.

I want a parade

So the gay pride parades were this weekend. I have decided that I, as a Straight Irish American Male, need a parade too! Wait... whats that? Every March you say?

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Oh you guys mean Shenanigans?

Wow... just wow. I know I get fired up pretty easily, and by pretty easily I mean easier than most, and by easier than most I mean I should probably live on a deserted island by myself (and then the fucking crabs would be the target of my aggression).

About 10 days ago Congress voted itself a 3300 dollar pay raise, bringing their salary to about 170,000 dollars a year. Now I can hear some of you hollering saying "they didn't vote themselves a pay raise!" and technically you are correct. The did however, vote to not not give themselves a pay raise. That's right, Congress voted on a double negative.

I had very mixed feelings about this non-vote vote. I mostly believe that many people in Congress could be at the top of their fields elsewhere and making more, so therefore they should be paid well. I also somewhat believe that when we are this far in a deficit they should cut back everywhere they can, including their own salaries. Essentially I was indifferent.. until this afternoon. This afternoon the Congressional Republicans defeated a bill that would have raised the minimum wage by $2.10... it would have been the first raise for the minimum wage since 1997. (FYI that raise would bring the standard of living for a family of three TO the poverty line...)

Some facts:
- Adjusted for inflation, the minimum wage is the lowest it has been since 1955
- the claim that a higher minimum wage leads to lower jobs is false; states with higher minimum wages experienced better job growth than states paying only the federal minimum wage.
- 140, 120, 45, 0- The respective percentage increase in price of gas, heating oil, health care, and minimum wage since 1997.

Now some of you are probably wondering as to how I, as a libertarian, can support a minimum wage. Well I wouldn't if other government policies weren't so fatally flawed to make it necessary. If market pressures acted alone it wouldn't be necessary, but because the government has created the welfare state it has artificially driven the market value of low level employment down (if there was no welfare, people making 5.15 an hour would starve to death, you would have no workers and businesses would have to make workers wages rise in order to have a workforce at all).

Shenanigans on you Congress... and not the fun kind of Shenanigans but the kind where we get to hit you with a broom.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

There is one class that is desperately needed in all levels of education that has consistently ignored. That class? Personal Responsibility with a heavy does of Parental Responsibility. Everyone in this country seems to think that the things going on in their life are someone else's fault. Its myspace's fault that I wasn't watching my kid and they lied to me and got into trouble. It is TV and Radio's fault that kids are punks (even though we are letting them watch and listen to things that are for adults). Oh and don't forget those video games! They have ratings just like movies but we will buy your little brat anything they want because we don't pay attention to them and it keeps them quiet while mom does her Pilate's and dad rubs one out in the tool shed.
"OHhh but they arn't raising little Timmy the way we want!" OF COURSE NOT YOU IDIOT. It is not a device to raise your kid. It is a device to entertain ADULTS. You probably wouldn't expect a case of beer to babysit your children very well, why would you expect the radio, or the Internet, or video games to do it well?

So then their kids start selling heroin or shooting up schools and the parents get all pissed at everyone but themselves. So what do they do but sue everyone and try to get new laws passed for the purpose of "protecting" other people's children when it is really just a vain attempt for them to convince themselves that they arnt the terrible people they really are.

This culture has penetrated america to the core. No one wants to do anything for themselves. People want the government to take care of everything and when local and state governments can't then they want the feds to do it. The result is a situation like New Orleans where 5 murders becomes a case where you need the National Guard.

The government isn't taking away our rights, we are giving them to them because we are too lazy to take care of ourselves.

New Orleans still loves fraud.

Follow up to yesterday:

I consider Nagin's use of the National Guard in New Orleans to be fraud. They are using federal money to combat a crime problem that was there before the storm.

For example, if I lived there in a real crummy house. My house isn't damaged by the storm but it is real crummy still, but I get federal money and fix up my house, that is fraud.

If a crime problem was there before the storm, it is there after the storm, then it isn't the result of the storm.

Mayor Nagin, I am anxiously awaiting your arrest.

On a side note: Why do we care that 5 drug dealers got gunned down?

Monday, June 19, 2006

Ok make sure you read today's original post below because it is a good one and a departure from my norm.I didnt mean to do two posts today but this has me so damn fired up:
NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana (AP) -- Mayor Ray Nagin asked the governor Monday to send National Guard troops and state police to patrol his city after a violent weekend in which five teenagers were shot to death.City leaders convened a special meeting to voice outrage after the killings Saturday in an area near the central business district."If we don't have wind knocking us down, we have shooters knocking us down, and that's unacceptable," said City Council President Oliver Thomas.Detectives knocked on doors Sunday in a search for anyone with information on the killings of five teenagers gunned down in a blaze of semiautomatic gunfire.Police had no new leads to the killers, said police Capt. John Bryson."We're begging citizens -- anyone who may have any information whatsoever to call Crimestoppers," he said.Bryson acknowledged it would be difficult finding witnesses to the killings early Saturday. (Watch cops work the scene on the narrow, blood-stained street -- :40)No motive had been confirmed, but "just the sheer carnage of it, the location of it and the time that it occurred" make drugs or revenge likely candidates, Bryson said.A semiautomatic weapon was used and "multiple, multiple rounds" were fired, authorities have said.The dead were Reggie Dantzler, Iruan Taylor and Marquis Hunter, all 19, Arsenio Hunter, 16; and Warren Simoen, 17, all of New Orleans, John Gagliano, chief investigator for the Orleans Parish coroner, told The Times-Picayune. Gagliano did not answer calls by The Associated Press seeking additional comment Sunday.Bryson said none of the victims had any convictions. Police could comment on whether any of them had any other police record.All were believed to have been killed at the same time. Three were found in a sport utility vehicle rammed against a utility pole and two were on the street nearby. Police said they probably all arrived in the SUV.Along with the city's population, murder and other crimes plummeted for the first months after Hurricane Katrina flooded 80 percent of the city last August. Current estimates vary but the city is believed to have less than half its pre-storm population of about 455,000.However, crime has been creeping up since then. Although the total of 52 murders since Jan. 1 is half the number at this time last year, 35 of them have been since the start of April, more than double the 17 in the first three months.City Council members promised swift action against violence as the city tries to repair itself."The crime issue -- once it begins to surface itself as a centerpiece again, everything else falls out the window," Councilman Oliver Thomas said. "It just dampens all our possibilities and probabilities."Copyright 2006 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

So... you want troops? After a murder that was probably drug or gang related? What is your deal? Have you lost the ability to govern your own city? Have you become so dependant on the federal government that you think that a mere homicide is reason for them to intervene?
My solution? Cut them off. Time to grow up New Orleans. You have had 9 months and billions of dollars to get your house in order and you made the decision not to. Well it is time to leave them to their own devices. Either they will rebuild, private industry and kindness will save them, or they will destroy themselves proving that our money should not be wasted there.
It may sound harsh, because it is, but I am SICK of this damn attitude that if you can't easily do something you have to run for help.

Everyone needs a wingman

The Wing. Sometimes called the Chicken Wing, the Buffalo Wing, or the Hot Wing it is essentially the same thing wherever you order it and whatever you call it. Their variety in name is out done only in their variety of flavors- Hot, Mild, Honey Hot, Garlic Parmesan, Garlic Hot, Insanity, various types of BBQ the list goes on and on.
There is a quest that is on going for many wing connoisseurs. The quest for the perfect wing. We have all had a perfect wing. Right now you can all imagine it I am sure. For some it is a Hot Garlic eaten at a 25 cent wing Tuesday while for others it was the 5th out of a dozen in an appetizer at Ruby Tuesdays, but in reality, that perfect wing isn't about the wing. That perfect wing is an experience. It is the perfect sauce (plenty of flavor and plenty of heat, not just hot for the sake of being hot) followed by good beer and in the company of great friends. Yet after you have that perfect wing, many become focused on having it again. Unfortunately, this simply isn't possible. That perfect wing was not a wing, but a moment; and in trying to reach it again you will miss out on all of the other perfect wings that you may have. The sauce may not be as tasty, and the beer may be a bit warm, but if you are having a good meal with good friends, that perfect wing will always be yours.

No this isn't just some post that is a thinly veiled allegory for life (though it is that) but it is also a post to announce a new website. Today is the official pre-launch of The city that hosts the WingBowl and serves wings (along with the sterotypical cheese steak) at every opportunity does not have a reliable source to help you decide where to get your wings. Check out the site which is temporarily housed at:

Soon the site will officially launch at

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Lord Xenu calling in reinforcements!

Well ladies and gentlemen, our great Lord Xenu has issued a decree that he needs reinforcements in his battle against scientology. Forbes' has rated Tom Cruise the most powerful in their annual Celebrity 100 Power List. This list is made by the scientific method of their pay rate in combination with "buzz" about them. Apparently negative buzz makes you more powerful... must be a scientology thing. Now, what I really want to know is that if Tom Cruise is the most powerful, then where the hell does that leave John Travolta? No offense to you Cruise fans out there, but Travolta would fuck Tom Cruise up if put in that situation. I mean, you guys saw Phenomenon right? Travolta could totally make Cruise's head explode into a pile of steaming green goo. Why green, you ask? Oh, you mean, you didnt know? Scientology requires that you get your brain replaced with a bright green orb which they refer to as their personal mother board. This way Lord Xenu can communicate privately to all scientologists across the world (their world stretches only across Beverly Hills).

I'm surprised you didnt know that.

Most of you should ignore this post

The following post is something I wrote for another site, that site has become defunked and I want to make sure I save it so here it is:

Modifying your car has long been a mainstay of Americans. From Model Ts to the muscle car revolution to the import craze of the late nineties, many Americans have never been satisfied with their automobiles straight from the dealership. Styling, performance, a desire to be unique, all are reasons why people decided to invest large amounts of money into already expensive investments.
Though many people are engaged in the practice, few are doing it well. Our goal today is to learn how to do it from scratch, starting with how to pick the car to what to do once the car is home. Most of us do not have unlimited funds so the first thing to do is set a budget. For purposes of this project we will set a 15,000 dollar budget for the car and the parts. This does not include labor, which varies widely. Since most people make the mistake initially by buying the wrong car, we will give two comparisons so that you can see where this mistake is made.

A few terms will be used in this article that you may be unfamiliar with. The two most important are horsepower and torque. Horsepower is the amount of power than an engine produces, torque is the amount of force that is produced. The amount of horsepower a car produces is largely meaningless without a high amount of torque to get that power to the wheels and the car moving. Remember horsepower is for show and torque is for go. Torque wins races.

One final note before we start: There are certain things that should NEVER be done to a car. The biggest one that will hurt performance and your wallet is called the "Turbonator" (also goes by names such as Tornado or Spiralmax). They claim to increase horsepower and gas mileage, it has been proven however that THEY DO NOT WORK. Anyone with basic automotive knowledge will tell you this. Please, please, do not go down this road.

Step one: The car

This is the most important part. Certain cars will never be as fast as others. Unfortunately, many make this mistake right off the bat. The cars that I have picked for my example are both from the year 2000, were both priced as having 70,000 miles and the same options, and both are modification friendly, in that that both have many products for them.

The first car that we will use is one of the most popular to young car modifiers. It is popular due to its perceived affordability and reliability. This car is a Honda Civic Si. The Civic is a popular vehicle for many reasons, reliability, initial affordability, ability to hold value (which is a negative when buying used), and gas mileage. Unfortunately many people believe that this is a performance car, pre-2006, it is not. Beginning with 169 horsepower and a measly 111 foot pounds of torque it takes the Civic 7.2 seconds to reach 60 mph (and remember this is the performance Civic). Additionally the Civic is pricey weighing in at a hefty $12,495 according to Kelly Blue Book. This only leaves us 2505 dollars for modifications, a paltry amount from where we are starting power wise.

Our second car is less popular, but mainly because it is largely overlooked. Slightly harder on gas but it makes up for in price and power. The car is a Pontiac Grand Prix GTP. I can hear what you are saying right now, "my mom drives a Grand Prix," maybe so, but she sure as hell does not drive this Grand Prix. The GTP is a wolf in sheep's clothing. With 240 horsepower and 280 foot pounds of torque the GTP is a full half second quicker 0-60 at 6.7 seconds and three quarters of a second faster in the quarter mile. This performance would make one think that the GTP should carry a heftier price. In reality the GTP is much more affordable at $9,625 dollars. This leaves us with $5375 for our mods; over twice the amount available for the Civic.

Some will make the argument that the Civic is a more reliable car and therefore is cheaper than the GTP over the long haul. The Civic's better reliability is most likely a myth, any car that is properly maintained will be just as reliable, additionally the GM Series II 3800 engine, the base of the GTP is arguably one of the most reliable engines ever produced. One more thing to consider is that the GTP is built to be a performance car, it will be able to take the abuse that as a racer you will throw at it, the Civic, though fortified in the Si does not come from this performance car heritage.. The Perceptions of reliability are frequently just that, perceptions.

Remaining money: $2505 for the Civic and $5375 for the GTP.

Step two: Basic Modifications

There are a few things that should be done immediately for any car the first thing is to replace the stock paper air filter, which is highly constricting, with a high flow filter such as a K & N. The filters run about 50 dollars, have little impact on performance, but better quality parts are essential. Next, make sure that oil changes are up to date and you have adequate tires. If you are attempting to put a large amount of horsepower to the road, tires are essential to getting it there.

For good tires, a K & N filter, and an oil change you will probably spend about $450 for the GTP and $400 for the Civic.

Power: Unchanged
Remaining money: $2105 for the Civic and $4925 for the GTP.

Step three: Air, the essence of life

To perform to its fullest a performance car must breathe and the best way to achieve this is through an cold air intake system and a full exhaust system from downpipe to catalytic converter to muffler to tip. It has recently become popular to simply replace the muffler and tip resulting in a loud (obnoxiously in most cases) sound but little performance gain.

Some of the most popular and best designed cold air intakes for the Civic are made by AEM. Prices range from 206 dollars and up. The gains for this are minimal giving only 2.8 horsepower and 1.4 ft-lbs torque.
Additionally AEM also offers a full stainless steel exhaust that has demonstrated horsepower gains of two horsepower and between 4 and 6 ft-lbs of torque. This slight gain will cost $699 but because of the stainless steel, you will never need another exhaust again.
The last, and most important part, of your exhaust system that needs to be taken care of is your downpipe. With a DC Sports four into one Header you will see gains of up to 6 horsepower and 3 ft-lbs of torque for $360.

So for $1265 you will experience a gain of up to 10.8 horsepower and 10.4 ft-lbs torque.

The cold air intake possibilities for the GTP are extensive. A popular option is the SLP Cold-Air Induction package. This package will gain you up to 10 horsepower for $199. Though there would be a torque increase, because it is not documented it will not be included.
SLP also offers a full stainless steel catback exhaust. You can count on this exhaust gaining you ten horsepower for $549, there will also be a significant torque gain, however, because it is not documented it will not be included.
As for headers, on a otherwise completely stock GTP you can expect to add 18 horsepower and 16 ft-lbs of torque via "The Other Guys" Exhaust Headers for $750. On a car with other performance increases this will be amplified even more.

The total for the GTP in this area is slightly higher than Civic (though you can out do the 10 horsepower and torque that you get for $1265 for $750), the performance gains for the GTP are huge. The total cost of $1498 you will gain a total of 38 horsepower and at minimum (and most likely significantly more, due to the lack of SLP claims) of 16 ft-lbs of torque.

Power: Civic 179.8 horsepower and 121.4 ft-lbs torque
GTP: 278 horsepower and 296 ft-lbs torque
Remaining money: Civic- $840 GTP- $3427

Step four: Turbo or Supercharging

The Civic is a normally aspirated engine, which means that it is not turbo or supercharged. These modifications create huge gains in horsepower. However, the price for this modification is generally in the range of $2,500, so you cannot afford it. In any case the horsepower gains would not get you to equal a GTP.

The GTP comes supercharged from the factory, part of which gives the huge advantages here. Additionally for $65 you can purchase a Pulley Boys supercharger pulley and up your horsepower an additional 25-30. At this point this also dose not matter. Your opposition is bankrupt and you can go forever. It appears, that this race may be over.

There will be excuses thrown by many in the "import" community. These claims will state that their cars are better in terms of gas mileage perhaps stock, but as soon as you start to modify your car, OR DRIVE IT IN RACES, this gain is eliminated. The claim will be made that they are more reliable as said before this is false due to the fact that reliability is determined by maintenance, additionally performance GTP parts are frequently cheaper than original Honda parts. The claim will be made that insurance is cheaper, but in the four door model this will probably not be much different, and if it is, I am sure that $3427 dollars in savings will make up for it. The claim will be made that the Civic weighs less and therefore will be faster if you have been reading this article you know that the GTP starts off faster and makes more gains in upgrades, weight isn't an issue.

In closing, you can make your Civic fast, in comparison to other Civics or other imports, in comparison to muscle cars, or cars breed in the muscle car spirit, you will never have a car as fast as they are or as can be. Fast and Furious is a movie, ten second cars are few and far between, and unless you plan on replacing the engine your Civic will never be one. The GTP, on the other hand, has true potential to make that journey into the mythical ten second quater mile.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Things I love: Bird Flu

TGrevolutionaries is back!

How to better celebrate the return than with a resounding endorsement of the bird flu. That's right! That wonderful disease has dropped from the headlines ever since ABC ran its fact-filled docu-drama (another word for NEWS) "Fatal Contact: Bird Flu in America." I aim to change that by making bird flu as popular as Paris Hilton at spring break.

I want to be very clear. I love the bird flu. I think it is the best thing to happen since Ted Williams' head was chopped off and frozen (because who knows! maybe it will be easier to re-animate A HEAD rather than a whole person. Bodies will become useless in the future anyway). OK I can hear it now... that this is some how "sick" or "inappropriate" or I am a worse person than a reality show star but I am sure that by the end you will agree with me. So here are my reasons why I think the bird flu is great.

1) It is good for the economy. Some claim that out sourcing is a problem for the American economy, if you are in that camp just wait for the jobs to come screaming back! Once bird flu hits Asia hard think of all the menial labor jobs that Americans will once again have the privilege of doing! I mean since the illegals are taking all of our coveted landscaping and cleaning jobs, at least we can make our own sneakers and answer our Dell call center calls ourselves! Dont forget all those manufacturing jobs that were lost to third world countries!

2) It is good for young people. This one will sound a bit harsh, but it is time for honesty- with the housing market the way it is I will be almost dead before I can buy my first house. Solution? Get lots of homes on to the market quickly with motivated buyers. Method? Bird Flu!
Sure lots of people will die of bird flu, but many of those people will be OLD. The result is that their relatives will have tons of property to unload and the prices for property take a dive! Think of all those barely lived in florida condos up for sale!
Also if you are a recent college grad there will be many positions open!

3) Its great if you like cars. Using the same principle as above, think about all the great, low mileage, used cars that will flood the market!

4) It is good for America! With the World Cup going on we must be accutely aware that we are not the best at everything. However with the bird flu, the EU's socialized medical system will collapse and they will have far more deaths there. The result? Their SOCCER (thats right SOCCER) teams will be cripled and we will walk all over them in the next world cup matches!
5) National security. Do you think that terrorists will get treatment for bird flu? I doubt it.

Wow the bird flu sounds awful. Hopefully it wont turn out all SARs on us and be a big pansy.