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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Take your stinking paws off me, you damned dirty ape!

Anderson Cooper, the rising star of the CNN network, and American news in general, has taken flack recently for his emotional reporting style. I disagree with much of the criticism, though I do think that CNN exploits Cooper's emotional nature for ratings. I have an issue with Cooper in his recent post on his 360 Blog. Mr. Cooper said:

"Someone asked whether my heart bleeds every time I cover one human tragedy after another. The answer is yes. I lay awake many nights trying to find answers to seemingly intractable questions -- Why have we become so cruel to ourselves? What makes us revert to our basic "animal" instincts of killing our own without guilt or remorse? Why, in the 21st century, are so many of us living like our medieval ancestors?"

Anderson, I will tell you. Humans are fundamentally animals. Period. That is it. We can romanticize ourselves so much, our ability to get to the moon, to have a world wide connection of computers, of civil and political freedom, but when pushed to our fundamental state of being hungry and cold, we are animals. Our intelligence, though it should be an asset, is our greatest weakness. Animals do not discriminate on race, or orientation, or religion. Animals do not commit genocide. Our evolution from Animals into a higher form has allowed us to achieve great things, but more over, it has just made us more efficient killing machines. In our society we do not see ourselves as animals but given the proper trigger we could all revert to that state. It is not that our actions would make us more like them or less like them, we are them, we simply are hiding it under our BMWs and Polo shirts (this is not a criticism of you, I am doing this as well). In the west we take out this animal aggression in socially acceptable ways- football, "pack" activities like burning man - but without this release we are consistently on the brink of reverting to our animal nature.

That said we are evolving every hour of every day. The human genetic pool may not be evolving at a fast rate but our knowledge is. These big powerful brains that get us into trouble also have the amazing ability to get us out of trouble. We may be animals but lets do something about it. Animals may not commit genocide, but they also don't help animals on the other side of earth.

Take a look at Anderson Coopers blog post from today. Help if you can.


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Nothing since March 9! Come back to us, Gentleman Revolutionary!

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