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Monday, February 06, 2006

You cant stop the fire.

I recieved the following comment last week in regards to my story on the Cartoonagate. It is unedited:

how would printing the pictures make ANYONE any good in anyway?whereas it would REALLY REALLY offend muslims myself i'm a muslim .. & i'm telling u,i don't even want to see these images!it's not about HOW they drew the prophet .. but just the idea!it is so obvious this was done to offend us, otherwise they would've chosen any other million topic that exist in the world to draw & show their talent other than our i'm not saying this just because i'm a muslim.. but because i really don't see why the pictures should be out in the open, everywhere!!& maybe in the far future .. those pictures would be displayed in books & have "the prophet Mohammad" written under it just to avoid things like that AND MORE.. those pictures shouldn't be published & should not even see the light of day

I have determined my response. If these photos are not allowed to be printed it brings into question the freedom of the press. Once this is compromised our whole freedom of expression is compromise. This includes freedom of religion. So when it comes down to it, publishing these photos is good for everyone.

As to the comment - I thank you for your input, the more dialogue the better, but you and I both know that the burning of an embassy is not dialogue. Now I notice your IP is from Oman, and your English is solid so that leads me to assume that you come from a wealthy family, most likely associated with oil production or the technology sector. Which leads me to guess that you have had extensive (much more than the average citizen of Oman) exposure to the West. You know that we have no boundries when it comes to commentary. We do not wish to force you to have the boundless commentary if you do not desire it (I do not expect a newpaper in Oman to publish these cartoons) yet I do not want you to force your boundries on me.


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