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Friday, February 03, 2006


So I dont really especially care about the "cartoon crisis" or whatever BS name the press wants to give it. However, I do get upset about this:

CNN has chosen to not show the cartoons out of respect for Islam.

I understand that it is against Islam to depict images of the prophet, BUT that should not stop a non-muslim for doing so. I think that the Muslim community absolutely has the right to be upset, yet the press has a right to print it as well. I think that it is the American's press RESPONSIBILTY to print these images as an academic exercise to allow the American public at large to make this decision.

American press has traditional done two things:
1) Fought rabidly for the freedom of expression
2) Generally avoided offending groups of people by self censorship
This balance has given us a wonderfully free press, but from time to time, one must drop the fear of offending someone in order to accurately report the news in the most informative way possible.


Blogger -+-Enamorada-+- said...

how would printing the pictures make ANYONE any good in anyway?
whereas it would REALLY REALLY offend muslims ..

me myself i'm a muslim .. & i'm telling u,i don't even want to see these images!
it's not about HOW they drew the prophet .. but just the idea!
it is so obvious this was done to offend us, otherwise they would've chosen any other million topic that exist in the world to draw & show their talent other than our prophet.

so i'm not saying this just because i'm a muslim.. but because i really don't see why the pictures should be out in the open, everywhere!!
& maybe in the far future .. those pictures would be displayed in books & have "the prophet Mohammad" written under it ..
so just to avoid things like that AND MORE.. those pictures shouldn't be published & should not even see the light of day

4:40 PM  

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