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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I'm a jerk

I lied. I am a jerk. I said that I was going to post yesterday. I didn't. Let the public stoning begin but don't do it too long or I will get upset and you won't get a post today either.

Democrats, I think you are doing something unadvisable. I don't mean the Democrats in Congress I mean you everyday Democrats, especially you blogging ones. You are counting your chickens before they hatch. You are all thinking that Delay taking a step back is a huge victory for you. Well you are all wrong. Delay stepping down is a HUGE victory for the Republicans.

When you are done cleaning out your undies I will continue.

1) Any scandal that comes up may only bring down Republicans but when it comes to election time, voters do not discriminate between parties. Incumbents are incumbents and all are corrupt in their view. In that case everyone can be a loser but this won't hurt the Republicans.

2) This will bring new, young (relatively speaking), enthusiastic people into the leadership of the party. The result is that the Republicans will have new faces, which the public will be naturally more appealing to the public. On the other hand the Democrats have stale leadership in congress that isn't going to win them any new fans.

This may not seem like a big deal but this will be a huge advantage in 06. This attacks that naturally would have been launched on all Republicans for Delay's actions are made null and void. This action also protects current seats from challengers in the primaries. Overall they have offset and removed many arguments that could be used against them in 06. "We have done something about the corruption in congress. We have changed leadership and look to take us in a new direction. What have the Democrats done?"

This may not seem like much of an argument to you and I, but in a skillfully crafted campaign this could play very well to anyone and everyone. I see a growing arrogance in the Democratic party that is very very worrying to me. Yes Republicans will go down, yes the President is unpopular, but that doesn't win elections. You win elections by saying something new.


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