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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

A bunch of nothing

Jack Abramoff, a former senior Washington lobbyist, is on the verge of going down hardcore and he is going to claw at the edge as he slides over the precipice in a futile attempt to keep himself from going under. So the question is, who is going down with him?

Many have implied that many republicans will be going down with him, and I agree, but the real answer in my opinion is who ISN'T going down with him. The list will be long and diverse. There will be an even mix of Democrats and Republicans and it will be big names on both sides. Many are taking the guess that it will be more Republicans than Democrats due to the Abramoff's close relationship with a number of high ranking Republicans, but I firmly belive that due to the way Washington works, there may be many a Democrat involved.

So where does that leave us? Well no where really. The people that are going down won't do so until after the 06 elections, by the time they are forced from their seats it will be 07, the Presidential elections will be underway, it will be a place holder until the dirt on candidates really starts to come out. This is on the fast track to going no where. A few people will lose their seats, some will lose their shirts, some may go to jail but they will probably all get off with a slap on the wrist.

So the end result will be one or two people going down, and that is about it.

What else do we have for 06?
1) an uneventful congressional election.
2) a push at an impeachment which wont happen
3) a new VP
4) an end to scandals from the bush whitehouse
5) interesting moves in a set up for 08


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