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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Yup GW Is being a dick

So I turn on Fox this evening at 9 pm planning to see the dumbest man on television let me share in his zany adventures for another week. But instead it turned out that the President was on. So I guess this was still the case but it was hardly the Family Guy. Ok we get it. You are the President, you are doing your thing, you had your whirlwind day on Thursday that got you a whole lot of no where so now you have to go to the Nation and spout some BS to try and get people back on your side. I got a little tip for you... YOU ARE NOT RUNNING AGAIN and YOUR LEGACY IS ALREADY SHIT. You are toast big boy, stop interrupting my Sunday night.

Though this is very big in my life it is not the biggest media news of the past few days. The biggest is clearly the departure of Howard Stern from terrestrial radio. Now I am not a huge Stern fan, though I do enjoy him, but his impact cannot be denied by anyone. He has changed the face of media as we know it and shame on the government for forcing him off. Stern may have lost his edge in recent years, but that can only be blamed on the fact that he has been so restrained by the FCC.

Hopefully the new age of radio personalities (Kid Chris) wont be forced off by the bullying of the FCC.


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