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Thursday, December 15, 2005

What are they up to?

The White House is up to something. I mean seriously, what the hell or they doing. They are doing everything that I thought they would never do. He accepted some blame for the war, he wants 3.1 Billion for New Orleans (an extra zero there than I expected), and most amazingly he has let McCain have his way on the torture bill.

Now there are obvious reasons why he did these things, for example even if he vetoed McCain's bill there would have been a veto override and he would have looked like an ass. But why did he do all of these things in the past two days? It all has to do with, surprise surprise, Iraq. The administration was padding the deck for today. They were counting on the election going to hell and wanted some good news on a day that they thought it would be all bad.

Also they know they are about to get nailed on the Patriot Act...

I think that Mitt Romney really maybe the Republican party candidate. Wouldn't that be ironic? A Massachusetts Conservative against Warner, a Virginia Liberal.


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