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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Lots of stuff

"Jenn B." left the following message regarding my comments on the NYC transit strike: "FYI-it's illegal for government workers to strike because they're considered a vital government service. Instead they have other ways of negotiating contracts. So really, they should be jailed. I can't say I feel that sorry for them. " Well Jenn B., though this may be the case, you missed my point. First the idea that they are a vital government service is ludicrous. The only vital services are the ones that would result in death and not an inconvenience. For example the police, firefighters are vital services. Unfortunately a union has little other recourse for negotiations when the best deal they are being offered is a 4% pay cut for new hires and a 3% pay raise for current employees. Lets think about that 3% for a bit; the current inflation rate as of today is 2.7% and that shifts and can change day by day, but that 2.7 is pretty standard. So that 3% raise has suddenly become .3%... Still think that isn't worth striking over? The Mayor and the MTA forced the union into this because the Mayor thought he could get a political gain from it. So the strike lasted 3 days and New York is still there, the "terrible results" that Mayor Dickweed predicted didn't happen and once again NYC failed to do it right. Hell when we had the OG of transit strikes earlier this fall did it for 8 days. Now thats a strike I respect!

Now on to today's news.

Rick Santorum has started with the duck and cover routine after placing all of his eggs in one basket in the recent Intelligent Design fight. Santorum has, until today, been affiliated with the Christian Rights Law Center (right like Christians need a law center because its not like we haven't had every President... ever). The Christian Rights Law Center was at the heart of the recent intelligent design fight in The Great Commonwealth of Pennsylvania ( great trivia by the way, there are really only 46 states in the United States and 4 Commonwealths!). Santorum is a year off from reelection and is slipping in the polls every day. Santorum said he was pulling out because "Santorum told The Philadelphia Inquirer he was troubled by testimony indicating religion motivated some board members to adopt the policy." What?! Intelligent Design is religiously motivated? You have to be freaking kidding me! I could swear that it was a legitimate scientific theory! Santorum apparently thought that too when he wrote his 2002 Washington post article that said just that.

Apparently Santorum had expressed his displeasure with the law center as they have become involved in this case, but surprise surprise, he stayed on board so he could make the political move AFTER the decision was reached. Potentiality smart move that ended up being stupid.

On a more serious note I wanted to comment on the death of Tony Dungy's son. Tony Dungy is one of the few men in the NFL who is really respected by pretty much everyone. He is a great guy that has been hit by something terrible. The preview of the Superbowl will be played on Saturday, though it will be extremely different when it is played in February.


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