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Monday, December 19, 2005

Lets make a deal

The ground is shaking in DC with rumblings of another impeachment. This time it is seeming like it may be deserving, though in my opinion, probably not. That said, it doesnt mean that it wont happen.

This whole impeachement thing has gotten out of hand. The Republicans are clearly to blame for creating this situation and impeaching Clinton when he shouldnt have been but at this point I blame the Democrats too. We get it, you hate Bush, 70% of America does too, but just because he is disliked does not mean he should be impeached. The Democrats should be ashamed of themselves, this petty revenge politcs makes me freakin sick.

They must be very careful in approaching this situation, if he deserves to be impeached, get it done and do it right, dont talk the rehtoric and play the game, just do it. This talk just makes you look bad. (weird that it is Boxer that is up to this)

So I am starting a pool if Bush will make it to the end of his term. I am giving 3 to 1 odds. For every dollar you bet, if bush doesnt make it, you get three. This only applies to impeachment and nothing else that can happen, INCLUDING resignation. I am offering 1.5 to 1 odds on resignation.


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