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Friday, December 23, 2005

The Failure of War on Drugs

I am in no way advocating for legalizing drugs, especially those that I will be mentioning below. However, these events illustrate a very clear negative effect of the war on drugs.

Bolivia's recent elections have been confirmed and Evo Morales has been declared the victor. First I must say that I am always glad when there is a free, fair, and open election in Latin America. Democracy has been slow coming to Latin America, as it has always been in the battle grounds of the Cold War, and any time there is a election there I am please. Yet the results of the election are somewhat stunning and show a disturbing trend taking place in South America. This trend is the increasing movement to fairly hardline socialist states. The root of this problem is is United States itself and a complex system of programs. In no way am I advocating removing these programs because we do have to look out for number one, but we must modify some of them to make them more globally friendly.

The programs facilitating this are the War on Drugs and the vast farm subsidies. Basically what happens is we go into areas in South America where they have no economy and support themselves by growing Coca for the drug trade, we destroy the drugs (rightfully so in my opinion), leaving them with nothing. Their other options are to go back to traditional methods of living (which from our selfish perspective, would be the best) or to grow cash crops for export. Now unfortunately the cash crops they can grow are fairly limited. It is almost impossible to be competitive with an crop that is grown in the US, so that leaves coffee. I spent a number of weeks in Ecuador. I spent an afternoon harvesting coffee; let me tell you it is back breaking work for only a few dollars a day. So here are these people who are dirt poor because we fly over in our Blackhawks every few months and burn their crops to the ground (Though I am sure it is coming across as if I am against this, I really am not). So these people have nothing and it makes it very easy for a charismatic leader that comes from their background come to power. This is exactly what Evo Morales came to power in Bolivia.

So what does his election mean to the US? Well, a lot to be frank. He is most likely going to align Bolivia with Venezuela and Cuba, chances are he will nationalize more private industry, and most importantly the middle class will be forced out of the political system. Though this wont have as disastrous an effect as it is having in Venezuela, due to the fact that Bolivia has a much smaller middle class, the end result is the same in that the long term political stability of Bolivia will be questionable at best.

In other news:

Nancy Pelosi is the freaking devil. Dems, watch yourself, she will drag you down.


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