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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Blame Canada! OR get blamed by Canada

So they Canadians have lost it, it seems they dont like shooting deaths too much up there. Toronto has had its 52nd gun death this year. WOW! 52, that is TERRIBLE. I am sorry for the sarcasm, it is terrible and it is twice as many as they had last year, however, they have only had a total of 17 more murders than last year. So one can make the assumption that many of those 52 would have occured anyway, just would have been bloodier, more violent stabbings and beatings. They arn't killing more people. they are just killing more efficently.

So in light of this huge swing in murders the mayor of Toronto blames, who else, but the United States. Apparently nearly 50% of the guns come from the United States. Ok so we are less than half to blame but it is all our fault. Oh also apparently it is our responsibility to stop them at the Canadian border. Well then Canada it is your responsibility to stop drugs from coming into the US.

Here is a real answer, Canadian youths, similar to urban youths here, and well everywhere, are upset because they are poor and marginalized and the "social programs" shall we call them, do not work.

So here is my solution. GET USED TO IT. I am sorry Canada but things are not really what you wish they would be. There is violence and poverty and crime. Do something about that rather than blame.


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