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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Being mean never won anyone any friends.

I wasn't planning on writing another blog on the media today but I was watching last night's Colbert Report rerun and got very upset. His guest, Katrina Van Den Heuvel, a columnist for The Nation. To her credit, she has been a constant victim of attacks from the right, and to her credit she is a smart woman, but I wonder sometimes how a smart woman can be so blinded by partisan views. Her attack on the Bush Administration for its handling of hurricane katrina completely missed the mark simply to take a shot at bush. Van Den Heuvel missed the fact that FEMA was a bloated governmental organization that never was suited for a major disaster being blinded by her hatred for Bush.

FEMA was originally structured to take over the Federal Government in the event of a nuclear attack. It never made the transition to anything else. Was this Bush's fault? Absolutely, he should have led the charge for this transition during the changes that were happening to FEMA post 9/11, HOWEVER, attacking the Bush administration for its incompetence rather than attacking the SYSTEM that was incompetent is fundamentally flawed.

This attack nature makes her no better than when Rush Limbaugh called her names. When will both sides learn that taking the high ground will immediately give them credibility that the other side does not have?

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FYI Katrina is EIC/Publisher of the Nation.

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