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Friday, November 11, 2005

YARRRRRRRR we no longer be the coolest kids on the block

As we found out a few days ago pirates are alive and kicking and now I find out that something even cooler. Not only are there pirates but there are PIRATE HUNTERS. Thats right, people who's profession it is to HUNT PIRATES. Ok, so pirates are pretty cool but if you are going to hunt something down you have to be cooler than that thing. For example, people hunt deer. People are clearly cooler than deer. So to hunt pirates you MUST be cooler than pirates.

So these pirate hunters are totally like taunting the pirates via Now my dreams have come true: Pirates- Something cooler than pirates probably involving guns- and CNN.COM

S0 these pirates are hangin out off the coast of Somalia in a "mysterious mothership" that launches speed boats that go attack ships that are going by, pretty cool.

Now pirate hunters, I kinda think they may be like the croc hunter. So they get on the ship and use a long poll with a string and get it around the pirates necks. The pirates then spin around and shit but just wear themselves out and when they stop a bunch of australians jump on them and tape their mouths shut with duct tape.

Yup, thats cool.

Yup, I wanna be a pirate hunter.


Blogger gurgly said...

yarrrrr! I'd be so proud. I think instead of throwing a string around the pirates' necks, you'd have to get a hook. A long, long hook like the ones they use to pull bad performers off the stage.

11:50 AM  

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