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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Over the past 50 years great leaps and bounds have been made in the field of science. We have made it to the moon, invented computers and the internet, introduced fuel injection on cars, and decoded the human genome among a myriad of other achievements. Yet the fine Citizens of Kansas have decided that they don't want to be involved in the future evolutions of science (get what I'm doing there).

Is it ludicrous that in this day in age someone could believe anything other evolution? Of course it is! Should we all think that they are idiots and ridicule them? Of course we should!

Take a wild guess what is coming next though- it is their right. If they want to be ignorant douche bags and let their children stupid assholes then that is their choice. It is our right to criticize them but it is not our right to prevent them from doing what they choose to do.

Enter election day in PA and Dover School District and the School Board election. The Dover School Board too the same stance as the fine State of Kansas and thought that intelligent design was a wonderful idea. Apparently, no one else thought so. All eight members of the school board were voted out in yesterday's election.

This is why it is their right. The voters can speak, the voters in Pennsylvania have and the voters in Kansas can as well.

The Risk of 06:

With 2005 out of the way everyone is looking to the mid-terms in 06. All are already calling on major victories for the Dems, which I agree with 100%. One must account for the risk that arises with a Democratic sweep in 06. The Dems must be VERY careful not to over promise. If those that are running in 06 promise to right all wrongs that Bush has and will commit. If these promises are made and are not fulfilled (which is the probably case with Bush still in the White House) then there will be many disillusioned voters in 08. The result will be that the middle, who thought the Dems could save them from Bush, will think that they were lied to by the Dems and not show up to vote in 08. The scenario will come down to who can motivate their base more and will be another unpleasant election.
The solution for the Dems is to promise what they can do, nothing. Don't promise anything, make Bush the bad guy and begin the set up for 08.

One last thing: Democrats didn't win yesterday because of anything to do with Bush, but instead it was because the Republicans didn't have one strong candidate besides Bloomberg and to a degree Forrester. The Bush factor will be big next year, but don't overestimate it, anyone with half a brain would start to distance themselves already and realign with the McCain side of the party. Don't count your chickens before they hatch.


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