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Thursday, November 17, 2005

This is not a post about the Iraq War

It really isn't. I mean it will be talking about how American Troops are there. It will be talking about the President's role in putting them there. It will be talking about the House and the Senate and Democrats and Republicans. It will be talking about secret prisons that the Iraqis have started and lastly it will be talking about the shit show that is going on over there. But I SWEAR, this is not a post about the Iraqi war.

No I am posting about congress and how they are doing their damnedest to save their asses. The Republicans in congress have finally realized that being in support of the Bush agenda is the quickest train to no-job town. So they are demanding what is already provided to them in the war powers act. So 3 years ago they ceded the war powers act to the President, let him mess up, and then decided they wanted it back when it was time to run for office... very smart.

The Democrats are going along doing their thing, which to be honest I can still not 100% figure out. They have taken little unified stance other than the war being wrong. We get it. The horse is dead. Try something new.

This is going to play out to be a big nothing in 06, everyone will appropriately cover their assess and that will be that. The 06 issue? Working on that one. I'll throw that up at the next post probably.

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