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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Terrorism is bad umkay.

As we all know terrorism is bad and in reading the following you must keep in mind that I am in no way condoning terrorism.

So with a disclaimer like that you must be wondering where I am going with this so here it is: the attack in Jordan will have positive results worldwide. For the first time, terrorism is truly a world problem that all recognize as such. The attacks in Jordan will have far reaching implications; support for terrorists will begin to dry up and the security services will treat it as a threat and will not let terrorists operate with impunity.
The reaction of the Jordanian public is predictable but still encouraging. There is little question that the public tide is swinging against violence in the Middle East.

Perhaps more important though is the attack itself. It also signals a number of changes in the current situation. First it shows that the al-Zawahri has the ability to attack outside of Iraq. Second it shows that he has the desire to attack outside of Iraq. He is expanding his goals beyond Iraq and American troops. More than likely this expansion is a sign of desperation but regardless it will probably(hopefully) be his downfall.

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