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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Let me dust off my crystal ball

As is painfully obvious the Bush Administration has absolutely lost its shit. They were doing a good job keeping things together for a while. You may not like them but you have to admit that they were handling things reasonably well (or at least managing not to get caught doing what they were doing). However it seems that the last few weeks have been unforgiving. First Skeletor pulled her bid for the Supreme Court, then you have some indictments, possible use of illegal weapons in Iraq (which I dont buy by the way and even if used in the way it was described it is not a war crime so I don't get why it even matters) and most recently Tuesday's election results.

So now the question arises is who is going to benefit from all the issues that the administration is facing. The Answer: The Republican party.

Ill wait for everyone to catch their breath.

Ok this is how it is going to play out, and it is connected to yesterday's post.

The Republicans get their ass handed to them in 06 and two things happen: 1) Moderates take over the Republican party because they finally get pissed enough and their shit together--- 2) The far left will take over the democratic party. Instead of seeing that they won because people were sick of the way things were going they will think that people finally realized that they were right (false, people don't think that they just think that they are something different.

So going into 08 you have a well organized moderate Republican base with McCain at the helm (not necessarily as the candidate, though I wouldn't be surprised) but at least as the figurehead. On the other side the only viable candidates (Warner and Bayh) get their asses handed to them by the highly organized left wing of the party.

So here we are in November 08 with McCain, or a McCain esq. Candidate, against a extremely liberal candidate. It will make 96 look close.


Blogger Paul said...

I'll tell you who is benefitting...ME

10:43 PM  

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