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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

"Good Fences Make Good Neighbors."

Its been a hard day to decide what to cover, there are many important things occurring in the world of politics so I am going to try to be as focused as possible. I will handle the Canadian and Cunningham corruption stories over at However, in regard to those stories I must make one comment. Duke Cunningham is a hero. He absolutely is an American hero. He is also a criminal. He deserves to be treated as both. He should be charged and prosecuted, yet always respected for the wonderful things he has done in his life.

President Bush has been touting his guest worker plan that would allow illegal immigrants to work in the United States legally. Unfortunately the cure to solving the problem is unreachable. There is no cure. The United States will never be free of illegal immigrants, nor should we necessarily hope to. The biggest problem with the border situation is not those coming over to steal our jobs (because I don't know about you but I know very few Americans that are jealous they can't be assistant janitors in charge of toilets at Wal Mart) but instead the problem is the others that we know are crossing the border. As reported last week we know that terrorists have been caught at the border, but as we also know, many many more people make it across than are caught. The advantage of the Bush plan is multifold.

1) It is realistic. The impact on the American economy by forcing all illegals to leave would be devastating. Doing so would also be impossible and keeping them out would be even more difficult.

2) It creates a climate of safety and legality. If we allow "illegals" to enter and exit legally, the market for coyotes to assist the illegal transportation of people will diminish, this will result in it being less likely that they will be transporting those people that are out to hurt Americans and not help themselves.

A big aspect of this plan must be a comprehensive and AGGRESSIVE effort by the US government to seal off the border and severely prosecute those that come across illegally. It must be made a federal offense to illegally cross the border with HARSH punishments. The border must be sealed. Fence, wall, troops, however it is to be done, it must be done. There must be specific crossings where movement is allowed and regulated.

Robert Frost most certainly said it best when he said that "Good Fences make Good Neighbors."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

But we don't even have a bad fence along the entire border. My idea .... The government builds two fences about fifty feet apart along the entire border. ... Machine guns, land mines, etc.

9:24 PM  
Blogger Paul said...

The fence on the border is severly lacking. A single fifteen foot high fence with minimal barbed wire on the top that has gaps mile after mile sounds like a pretty bad fence to me.

Below is an example of such a fence:

"A 2,000-mile-long, multi-element security fence running from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico would safeguard our security and way of life. This is no modern-day Berlin Wall or Great Wall of China. Rather, the structure would consist of coils of barbed wire, a ditch, two tall and sturdy wire fences with sensors to warn of incursion, closed-circuit TV cameras and motion detectors.

Such a fence would finally give us a significant measure of protection from those who wish us harm. It should be wide enough to allow border security vehicles to conduct patrols within the walls. It could also be designed with up to 200 legal crossing points to accommodate commerce, tourism and legitimate commuting."

9:33 PM  

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