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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Debate this

The producers at the West Wing have the brilliant idea of having a live debate. So two fake presidential candidates are going to have a fake debate on live TV. But they are going to use real debate moderators and real questions.

I have a wager to make, this "debate" will recieve higher ratings than any of the debates in the last Presidential election. I also bet that there are enough stupid people in the United States that someone will stumble across it and think it is real.

The other possibility is that this will be the nail in the coffin for the West Wing. The show's ratings have been slipping for years and now the plan to increase them is to do something that is known to not get ratings, smart.

In other news Riots are spreading across France. It appears that once again it has been shown that Socialism doesn't work to keep people from being disenfranchised.

In other news:
Pirates are pretty cool

Penn State Kicks Ass

And lastly, FUCK T.O.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate The West Wing. But then, I am sick to my stomach at politics.

11:38 PM  

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