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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Bush wants to Bomb me

How far are we willing to go? This isn't a rhetorical question, I am very interested in how far my readers would be willing to go to win this war. How many of our values do we compromise to "win?" (I have win in quotation marks because I do not believe it to be winable in a tradtional sense at this point.) In the most desirable situation, the obvious answer is none. But in reality is that doable?

Another disturbing fact has arisen concerning our conduct in the "war on terra." (does anyone else find it to be a coincidence that terra is another word for earth? hummm I wonder who Bush is really fighting here. Additionally is it me or do these disturbing facts just get more and more disturbing?) It is being reported that the Bush administration proposed bombing the Al-Jazeera headquarters in Qatar. Now this has not been confirmed, and I pray that it will be confirmed as false, however if I was a betting man, which I am, I would put my money on this being the truth. This also calls into question the previous "accidental" bombings of the Al- Jazeera headquaters in Kabul and Baghdad.

Do I believe that this strike was ordered? Unfortunately I must say that I do. I believe that the attacks on the Kabul and Baghdad were intentional as well. We have intentionally attacked news outlets in the past. During the war in Kosovo the United States intentionally bombed the Yugoslavian news network, this was clearly a military target, due to the fact that it was state run and clearly a propaganda wing of the government. Al-Jazeera is a different animal, it is "independent" and is not governmentally affiliated (it is truly independent, though not unbiased.) One cannot justify attacking an independent figure in a war. It is more than likely that the reporting of Al-Jazeera is encouraging terrorist attacks, however, if we attack them what makes us better than a terrorist from attacking CNN? (well not CNN but lets say FoxNews)

The line must be drawn somewhere, I am more than willing to allow for a little give and take durning war, one cannot expect to win by acting like police officers, however there are lines that have been crossed long ago that we should not accept.

In other news:

It has been confirmed that Al Qaeda members have been stopped on the boarder. Unfortunately as we well known many more people get across the boarder than get stopped. So that is good news.,2933,176216,00.html

Jose Padilla was indicted finally. Chances are he committed some crime, though I have no clue what that crime may be. He was charged with as the New York Times reported "a plot to "murder, kidnap and maim" people overseas." So is he charged with conspiracy? So it is a huge BS charge basically... Good stuff, lets hold this guy in custody as long as we can and then charge him with something insane so we don't have to release him and look like idiots.

Samsung has been hit hard in recent days. On Friday the Chairman's daughter was killed in a car crash and today stocks crashed after Intel and Micron came to a deal to produce flash memory chips. Watch for a couple things: either someone to strike a deal with AMD to do the same AND watch HDTV prices PLUNGE after the holidays so that Samsung can have a good 1st quarter.,0,5492878.story?coll=sns-ap-business-headlines


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alright...Your comment on the news makes no think it's good that Al-Qaeda members are getting over the border? really think that the relation between Bush's accent and the earth mean's global domination? You people on the left are kookier than I thought. You say Al-Jazeera is it's a good news station. It showed the images of American's (and other country's citizens) getting beheaded! Real good news network there...real good. You wish the US to lose the war on terror, don't you? You want the US to get defeated...which would be HORRIBLE for the world, but you don't care, because you don't think about the consequences.
Think before you type,

5:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since when are wars won? How are they won?

First thing you hit in a war is the enemies communications and lets face it- Al Jazeera is the enemies mic. Your fear of the enemy is so strong that you are convinced your own country is the enemy.

I really do believe your comments border on cowardice.

Your comments regarding the Presidents accent (terra) is also bigoted. If someone were to make a comment about certain groups pronouncing the word "asked" as "axed" you would be flipping out.

Liberals leftist weirdo's are some of the most hypocritical and bigoted people on the planet!

9:59 PM  
Blogger gurgly said...

I mostly just wanted to make a note on your news item about Samsung's daughter being killed in a car crash - it turns out she committed suicide and the report of the crash was a coverup.

But I'll also comment on the other comments - I don't think you're reading closely enough, Jon. The post clearly says that he doesn't consider the Al Jazeera unbiased, he is simply defending their right to exist. And the comparison to Fox News is apt - that is also a biased news organization that also has the right to exist. You also misunderstood his comment on stopping the Al Qaeda members crossing the border - I believe he was saying it's good that they were stopped but it's not enough.

And I'd like to know how it's "cowardice" to state opinions without resorting to words like "kooky" and "weirdos," like you do, anonymous. You can demand a high standard of behavior from your own country without hoping that they will be defeated.

Keep on with your kooky liberal self, TGR!

10:28 PM  

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