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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Bird who? OH Bird FLU

Bird Flu Fever is sweeping the country and it appears that the first victim will be our civil liberties. The Associated Press is reporting that the federal government is prepared to restrict travel if the bird flu becomes a pandemic in the United States. The rational behind this is reasonable, if there is a city where it is reaching epidemic proportions then cut it off so it doesn't spread elsewhere. The government is forgetting a few things:

1) It is a bird flu. It is freaking spread by birds, your road blocks will do a lot of good against them.
2) By the time the they get their act together to get quarantines in place the virus will almost certainly have spread beyond where originally detected.

All this is is an attempt by the government to chip away a little more at the limited freedoms that we retain. They will use this as an excuse to permanently restrict or monitor travel and it begins us down a dangerous path.

So it appears that Bird Flu is this year's Tickle Me Elmo... just perhaps a little less scary.


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